Welcome to Coast Watching

Welcome to Coastwatching!

Victoria’s source for Local Weather 

At Coastwatching, we’re dedicated to studying the BC’s South Coast Weather (both Past and Present) with a particular focus on my hometown Victoria.  From Victoria to the Lower Mainland, Whistler to the East Island, Tofino and back home again, we love to experience and learn about the weather in our little corner of the world.

From our ”Head Office” in Victoria, we provide Twice Weekly Forecasts with a focus on explaining weather patterns and their effects on both our Work and Play Lives.   Our Twitter Updates aim to fill in some of the holes during forecast periods, as well as keep you notified of impending doom or glory. 

Some of our valued viewers include contractors, realtors, boaters, bikers, skiers, sailors, gardeners, golfers and the list goes on… you’re welcome to use this free service and we encourage you to share your homegrown knowledge, thoughts and weather experiences through our facebook and twitter pages.

So again, Welcome to Coastwatching and as always…

May the Forecast be with You!


Victoria  forecasts are updated twice a week: Usually Sunday AM for the coming Workweek,  and Thursday AM for the coming Weekend.  We also provide activity planners and the occasional video forecast.


Hindsight is all about looking back over the past; the past month, the past season to see what the major trends have been for the South Coast and how they stack up to years gone by.  This is where we keep the records.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions gives you a key to deciphering all the short hand I use for different geographical and weather features, as well as further information on different types of weather phenomena.

About Coastwatching

Coastwatching was established at the turn of the century when meteorologist Tom Rahme decided to create a place where he could keep track of South Coast weather and share this with his with close friends.